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How you've managed to stay around this long
Remains a mystery to me
Drugs,alcohol, blood transfusion
Busted in Canada by the Mounties
You're a rock n roll legend
An influential guitarist
Have no idea if you're still a junkie
But you are my biggest hero
There was never a problem with drugs
Only a problem with cops

I've always had a dream of meeting you
But always had doubts that it would never come true
You're in the biggest band in history
Forking in millions of dollars
I still can't believe you are one of the first
Bod boy from the 60's
One half of the Glimmer Twins
One half of an everlasting marraige
You may look over the expiry date
But your spirit is still young as ever

Exactly 43 years ago
Your band was searching for stardom
Covering the greatest blues bands
Playing run down pubs
Never thought you'd get this far
Becoming larger than the Beatles
Outlasting them by 35 years
Selling records by the masses
Haven't had a studio album since '81
But at least you put out incredible live ones
A really crappy poem about the best guitarist in the world, Keith Richards.So crappy, I couldn't come up with a chorus but that's why i'm posting it on here....
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March 19, 2005
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